Bee Brave 5K Run and Walk


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm finished registering, but I need to register someone else. How do I do that?

You must log out of your fundraising profile before attempting to register another participant. Log in/log out is located in the top right of your fundraising profile. 


Why can't I register multiple people at the same time?

A valid email address is required per participant.


What is the difference between individual and family registration?

Family registration is intended for families who would like to register their children, but do not have email accounts for their children.


Can my child have a fundraising page?

Yes, however, fundraising pages require a valid email address per participant.


Can I opt out of a fundraising page online?

Yes. If you "opt out," we can hide your fundraising page. Please contact us at purplecommunity@vai.org. This option is also available when using Family Registration during the "select how you would like to fundraise" portion of your registration. 


Why is my family's fundraising page not immediately displaying?

Family registrations must be manually uploaded. There will be a short lag time before seeing it live on the website. 

Is a T-Shirt included with my registration?
Yes! All registrants receive a T-Shirt with their registration.
Bee Brave 5K Long Sleeve T-Shirt